Liquid Pig Studios: Our Ethos

The prime force of inner corruption is introspection. The self is a sleek shining black mass, and it should be left as such. The only correct way to look inside oneself is with a knife.

Alt-Games are introspective decadent shit. Liquid Pig Studios does NOT create alt games.

When you see something beautiful, think "this is beautiful", and appreciate it's beauty. Any other action is a dysfunction of the mind.

The Liquid Pig Studios method of creation is akin to a journey. One explores the imagination and whatever appears appears. The meanings of the apparitations do not need to be determined by the creator as that is what critics are for. What's more, the creator has experienced this first hand and as it says in the good book "Experience is the only true form knowledge".

In this method, the viewer gets to be a creator too, because what is being presented to them is not a presentation of formed ideas, it is a presentation of an experience that the viewer too can experience, thus applying their own minds to what the creator originally imagined. Ideally the viewer can even feel themselves to be in a different place or state of mind. The creator need not explain because if this work is right for this viewer then whatever is universal in it will explain itself in his understanding of the experience.

This method fully avoids the self corruption of introspection while giving concrete evidence of the self at the same time, since what comes from the imagination and what is kept and what is discarded truly represents the creator. Meanwhile introspectors attach themselves with desperation to idiotic psychoanalytical theories that will be out of date in 2 years. Again, "Experience is the true form of knowledge". Introspectors try to say that they are unique, but what is more important is what is universal. An experience can even change a person, and so I would argue the creation or appreciation of a game in this style can transform the one who interacts with it. The proof is in your actions.

"Do what you want to!" -Kimberly Kubus