Liquid Pig Studios: The Game to End All Games

Game development is very slow and boring. League of Piss II: Spine Harbour has already been in development for 3 years, and yet there is seemingly very little to show for all this time spent. Fundamentally, Game Development is wasted time blasted out of the exhaust of a defective mind.
However, we have discovered the cure to game development. And what's more, it is going to result in the greatest game that we could possibly hope to make. It is a game that simply does not end.
This is not referring to some kind of mindless procedural game. What it is referring to is a development process that simply sees no end. A rolling release similar to that which occurred with Minecraft, but rather than simply releasing a game with few features, League of Piss II: Spine Harbour is akin to a serial novel or comic book series in which the game world itself will be expanded with each update.
League of Piss II: Spine Harbour is not simply a story, but a vehicle via which as many stories as desired can be told, each intertwining with the last. In short, it is the game to end all games. A game in which anything can occur, where no amount of painstaking precision is too much. How can effort be too much when there is never a Final Release date?
Our intention is to complete an initial and fairly small release this year with one reasonably sized storyline to play and some smaller side bits, and from that point, we plan to release content updates indefinitely.
We shall release no other game in the future at all. Any idea at all that can be made into a game shall become a part of League of Piss II: Spine Harbour if it is to become anything at all.
We hope that you are as excited about this as we are. Goodnight and thankyou for reading.